Sheri Josephson

Executive Director

Sheri is an accomplished Executive Director with over 30 years of experience in leadership roles at the YMCA. She has a deep understanding of the complexity of community-based services and is committed to building and maintaining a reputation based on integrity, commitment, and compassion.

Sheri believes that achieving this reputation requires rigorous discipline in research, analysis, strategic planning, and the day-to-day execution of workplans that make the vision a reality. Sheri is acutely aware of the challenges facing communities today, including the opioid epidemic, major weather events, social justice inequities, the housing crisis, and the impact of the pandemic, which have exacerbated gaps and issues facing communities and disproportionately impacted health and wellness services. Sheri’s commitment to serving her community is reflected in her work as a board member of the Tzeachten Football Club.